Ukrainian photographer. Born in 1985 in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Started the career in 2009, in sports reportage. Worked with the foreign and Ukrainian media.

2012-2016 - FC Metalist Kharkiv staff photographer. Became the best photographer of Ukrainian Football Premier League three times in a row (2012/13, 2013/14, 2014/15). The winner of Ukrainian sports photography competition under the aegis of the National Olympic Committee (2015, 2017). Also worked as a freelancer for UEFA, FIBA and well-known Ukrainian sports clubs, in particular FC "Shakhtar" (Donetsk).

Freelancer as of 2016. Expanded field of activity in reportage photography and photojournalism highlighting social events, arts, the Russia's war against Ukraine. Worked as a stringer for Reuters, EPA.

Became internationally known in March 2022 with video series "In the streets of Kharkiv", series of performances of cellist Denys Karachevtsev playing Bach in the ruined streets of Kharkiv. The project received huge coverage in social media and TV. The video has been presented on the "Late Show with David Letterman" by CBS.

Participant of the number of collective exhibitions dedicated to the war in Ukraine.

Personal awards & recognitions:
2024 - "Platinum Winner". London Photography Awards. "Someone Like Me". Categories: "Fine Art Photography - Abstract", "Fine Art Photography - Photojournalism", "People Photography - Fine Art";
2024 - "Gold Winner". London Photography Awards. “Naftalab performance laboratory”. Categories: "Editorial Photography - Photojournalism", "Fine Art Photography - Photojournalism", "Black & White Photography - Photojournalism", "London Photography - Cultural", "People Photography - Culture";
2024 - Honorable mention. The reFocus Awards. "Master of the Ball Soccer School". Category "Photojournalism";
2024 - Nominee in Photojournalism. Fine Art Photography Awards 2023/2024. “Naftalab performance laboratory”;
2023 – Honorable mention. International Photography Awards. "Blackout in Ukraine", categories Editorial/Press-War/Conflict and Special-Night Photography;
2015, 2017 - First place. National Olympic Committee competition: the best sports photo of the year. Category "Professional photographers";
2012/13, 2013/14, 2014/15 - The best photographer of the Ukrainian Football Premier League.

Personal exhibitions:
2024 - "Shelter for Science". LAPP. Annecy, France;
2024 - "Shelter for Science". CERN. Meren, Geneva, Switzerland;
2023 - "Shelter for Science". Lab DESY. Hamburg, Germany;
2023 - "Shelter for Science". EPS-HEP. Hamburg, Germany;
2023 - "Kharkiv|Culture|War". Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Collective exhibitions:
2024 - "Homeward". Poltava, Ukraine;
2024 - "Art of Freedom: Theatre 'Nafta'". Kharkiv, Ukraine;
2024 - Pop-up exhibition@'Tvorche nezhit'. Kharkiv, Ukraine;
2023 - "Cities of Ukraine". Tummelplatz. Graz, Austria;
2023 - "Cities of Ukraine". Universität Graz. Graz, Austria;
2023 - "Cities of Ukraine". Center of Austrian-Ukrainian cultural studies. Graz, Austria;
2022 - "RE: Warchitecture. The city at war". Haague, Netherlands;
2022 - "InSight of U" - Vienna, Austria.